Task Force on Critical Infrastructure and Transportation


Transportation infrastructure is a vital resource for all New Yorkers. Whether it is the MTA or upstate highways, the state of disrepair in New York has reached appalling conditions and must be dealt with. Localities across the State have some of the oldest infrastructure in the country, and it is woefully inadequate to serve our ever-growing needs. For these reasons and many more, Assembly Republicans created the “Assembly Minority Task Force on Critical Infrastructure and Transportation” to address the condition of the State’s roads and bridges and water and sewer systems. In order to better understand the problems associated with the State’s failing infrastructure and the unique needs of the municipalities around the State, the Task Force, led by Assemblyman Phil Palmesano and Assemblyman Kevin Byrne, conducted eight regional public forums.

From the testimony given during these forums, the Task Force released the report New York’s Infrastructure: A Report on Fortifying Our Roads, Bridges and Water Systems.” To date, the following legislation has been introduced:

  • Give Municipalities Their Fair Share – Increase the Arterial Highway Reimbursement Rate paid to municipalities for doing work on State roads from $0.85 to $1.80 to account for CPI inflation (A.4141, Palmesano).

  • Reform the Dedicated Highway and Bridge Trust Fund (DHBTF) – Ensure that all funding for the DHBTF is used for capital infrastructure. Furthermore, remove NYSDOT and DMV operational expenses from the fund (A.6798, Palmesano).

  • Ensure Driver Fees and Taxes go to Transportation – Dedicate a portion of the revenue from the State sales tax on motor fuels to the DHBTF to fund capital projects (A.3699, Palmesano).

  • Reform Minority and Women Owned Business Enterprises (MWBE) Requirements – Base MWBE requirements off of business demographics in the respective region instead of using a statewide requirement (A.1237, Crouch).

  • Improve CHIPS Programmatic Requirements – Increase the CHIPS competitive bidding threshold from $250,000 to $500,000 (A.3695, Palmesano).