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About ARRC

The Assembly Republican Review Committee (ARRC) is a member-elected body tasked with overseeing the creation of our Legislative Agenda. Over the past year, the nine members of ARRC, led by Chairman Robert Smullen, worked to review legislation submitted by members of the Assembly Republican Conference and develop new ideas designed to address the concerns of our constituents and all New Yorkers.

This agenda includes a roadmap for making New York State economically competitive, a public safety strategy for ensuring safe communities, and legislation that will support our veterans and first responders. ARRC members also worked to support ideas that will combat corruption, protect your private health insurance, and reduce taxes and mandates that have made it difficult for families to afford to live in New York.

ARRC is proud to present our 2023 Legislative Agenda, and will continue to work with Assembly Republican Leader Will Barclay and all of our Assembly Republican Members throughout the year to design new policies that will move the Empire State in a new direction.

Leader Smullen ARRC.png

Assembly Republican Leader Will Barclay and ARRC Chairman  Robert Smullen

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