For specific details and information on “Our Vision for Mandate Relief,” download this Fact Sheetand Brochure.

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Our Vision for Mandate Relief

  • Stop Mandates at the Source
    • Eliminate unfunded mandates that burden our local governments and school districts
  • Give Localities More Control
    • Provide savings to local governments through procurement reforms
  • Require the State to Pay More for Medicaid Costs
    • Require the State to cover local Medicaid expenses and give localities greater flexibility

Mandate Relief

The Problem

  • Unfunded mandates are defined as new or expanded programs, projects, or activities required by the State that must be paid for by a locality.
  • According to NYSAC, “nine State mandates consumed 99 percent of the property taxes levied by counties across the State, outside of New York City.”
  • Medicaid is the largest unfunded mandate in New York, with a cost to counties of $8.2 billion.
  • New York has the highest mandated county contributions for Medicaid in the nation.
  • 80 percent of a typical New York county’s total budget is dedicated to paying for State and federal mandates.