For specific details and information on “Our Vision for Government Reform,” download this Fact Sheetand Brochure.

Our Vision for Government Reform

The Problem

  • New York has a reputation for being among the most corrupt state governments in the country
  • From 1976 to 2010, New York had the most public officials convicted of corruption in federal court (2,522 convictions)
  • There are no excuses left for failing to make substantial reforms, and the Assembly Republican Conference is proud to have led the fight that would strip corrupt public officials of their pension benefits
  • We must continue to rebuild the complete breakdown of public trust that is the direct result of the constant stream of accusations and indictments
  • Restore Faith in Your Government
    • Enact the Public Officers Accountability Act; the most comprehensive anti-corruption measures in New York
  • Adjust Operations and Control State Spending 
    • Enact methods that oversee and regulate procedures in New York
  • Give All New Yorkers a Stronger Voice
    • Empower the Minority Conference with a better capacity to generate change

If you have any suggestions as to what should be included in our Vision for Government Reform please contact us using the link below.

Government Reform