The Problem

  • Albany has provided little to the State’s businesses other than taxes, fees, and regulations.
  • In fact, New York has the second-worst business tax climate in the nation.
  • New York has also placed massive mandates on our small businesses, such as the newly-enacted $15 minimum wage.
  • The current “top-down” economic development strategy must change, as it has created an environment that has led to the indictment of public officials.

For specific details and information on “Our Vision for Economic Development,” download this Fact Sheetand Brochure.

If you have any suggestions as to what should be included in our Vision for Economic Development please contact us using the link below.

  • Helping Small Businesses Thrive
    • Pass the “Small Business Full Employment Act,” a comprehensive proposal to help our small businesses thrive.
  • Cut the Red Tape
    • ​Reduce the regulatory burden on hardworking New Yorkers.
  • Invest in Infrastructure
    • ​Ensure revenues are dedicated to fixing and updating the State’s infrastructure.
  • Build a Strong Workforce
    • ​Provide more options for young New Yorkers to be career ready out of high school and incentivize attendance at our State’s great community colleges.
  • Economic Development Transparency and Oversight
    • Simplify and bring transparency to our economic development programs and tax credit system.

Our Vision for Economic Development

Economic Development